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Learning (and teaching!) Spanish

I have finally started this blog, and I’m planning on writing about my passion for international development, migration and women’s rights, but definitely also about languages and language learning. I work as a translator, and though I have many different plans for the future, then I enjoy this life at the moment (especially the freedom it gives me) and I’ve always imagined combining my two interests, international development, and languages, in the long run.

So on to my next language project, which is: Spanish. I started learning Spanish two years ago when I first arrived in Málaga on a hot June evening. The plan was to spend a summer in the south of Spain, before going to South Africa to do an internship. Plans they always do

Here I am two years later; still in Spain (except for three months at UNESCO in Paris) and still learning every day. Learning a new language is a long energy-demanding process, but wow, is it worth it!!

The last months I’ve been up to something rather exciting! I’ve joined the team of the TV-program “Marbella Now” in “Marbs”, and every week I teach a few basic words or phrases…in Spanish! It’s a bit ironic of course since I’m too learning Spanish, and I’m far from a fluent speaker, but “no pasa nada” (as the Spanish say) because it’s all very simple and chilled.

In the coming blog posts, I’ll share some of the expressions I teach and my experiences from the program. Until then, have a cracking Monday!

Learning Spanish in Spain can be a rollercoaster ride


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