ASM Translations

ASM Translations offer to proofread, edit and translate from English, Swedish, and Norwegian to Danish by a native Danish speaker. 


I have lived in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Spain, and the U.K., at the same time as I have always been fascinated by languages and have a great eye for detail. 

Located in the U.K., I offer Scandinavian translations across the globe at a fair price



I have experience in proofreading, content writing and translating material to Danish, Swedish, and English within many different areas. Examples of which include:


• Translate tourism websites for Cititravel in Spain (English/Spanish to Swedish)

• Write travel guides (Danish), translate marketing materials (Danish) and translate technical product catalogues and instruction manuals for Contentor in Sweden (Swedish to Danish)

• Proofread cultural education materials for UNESCO in France (in English)

• Edit the website (Swedish) and translate material for Skanes Dansteater (Dance Theatre) in Sweden (Swedish to Danish)

• Translate legal documents for Lexland in Marbella (English to Swedish)






My Educations and Specialisations:


• Courses at Master's level (90 ECTS-credits) in International Development (historical aspects, sustainability etc.) from Lund University, Sweden.

• BSc (180 ECTS-credits) in Social Anthropology (globalisation and conflict, culture and identity etc) from Lund University, Sweden.

• B.A. (180 ECTS-credits) in Cultural Management (marketing, communications) and German (translations, linguistics) from Lund University, Sweden. 


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Translation services from English, Swedish and Norwegian to Danish