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I offer cost-effective localisation, transcreation, post-editing, and translations from Swedish, Norwegian, and English to Danish. When choosing me you are guaranteed a personal service from a native Danish speaker who loves working her magic with the Danish language.


It is not simply enough to master a language well but it's also important to know the culture. I don't just offer subject matter expertise and a linguistic ability but as a native speaker, who has lived the majority of my life in Scandinavia, I also have cultural knowledge.

I not only translate but also do language localisation which means that I adapt your product to your Danish target market by considering the differences in for example cultural references, local idioms, formats, and units.




My special knowledge areas are:


• Travel & Tourism translations

E-commerce, Retail & Marketing translations

Training, Lifestyle & Wellbeing  translations




I can guarantee you as a customer:


  • Affordable Prices - There won't be any hidden costs, you'll know the price right from the start as I charge per word

  • On-time Delivery - I deliver to the deadlines that we agree on, and sometimes sooner

  • A Quality Product - I am dedicated and thorough, always working to deliver an accurate product to a happy customer. I run quality assurance checks, spelling and grammar verifications

  • Confidentiality - All assignments are treated with the strictest confidentiality




Want to learn Danish?

Let me help you on your journey towards becoming fluent in Danish. 

I offer private Danish lessons tailored to your needs, so you can learn Danish at your own pace with a native Dane. The one-on-one classes can take place online from the comfort of your home or in the city of Leeds



How can I help you?

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Translation service to Danish
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